how to port phone number in india

In this blog we will know about how to PORT a phone number in India.

To do so you need to follow the below steps with your current mobile network service provider.

PORT airtel to jio

PORT jio to airtel

PORT vodafone to jio

PORT vodafone to airtel

PORT jio to vodafone

PORT BSNL to airtel

PORT jio to BSNL

Follow the steps –

(1) Type a message like – “PORT (space) your-current-phone number” and send it to 1900

(2) You will receive a mobile phone portability number (PORT Number) after sending the message. Note down the PORT number.

(3) Visit to the nearest GSM retail shop to which you want to change you SIM network.

(4) Give the PORT number to the retailer along-with your ID proof and 4 copies of recent passport size photographs.

(5) The retailer will register your request and tell you the duration of when your new network provider will active.

(6) After activation dispose the current SIM card and use the new SIM card.

(7) Enjoy new services.

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